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Revo, the largest retail support community in the UK, were seeking an app that would become the primary engagement channel for its 2,300 members.

The main focus was to increase engagement with their members year round, outside of their very popular annual conference. Revo identified that a key reason that members attended the conference was to engage directly with each other. Revo also used to print a big year-book with their members’ details, so the app had to replace and enhance this offering.

The Idea

Provide a one-stop-shop for industry news, connect members with messaging directly within the app, and wrap this in an outstanding experience to enhance Revo’s brand. Segment members by interest and target with personalised push notifications for higher engagement.


  1. Personalisation
  2. Integration
  3. Surveys
  4. Instant Messaging
  5. Push Notifications
  6. Events

Connect members, unlock network effects.

Revo app by MemConnect


We worked closely with Revo to create a specification for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) alongside creating roadmap items which would follow the initial release. This allowed us to release a version of the app rapidly and begin collecting user analytics to inform future development.

Leveraging our many years’ experience in crafting great user experience across digital, we collaborated with the team to ensure strong brand identity across the app’s design and interactions. The instantly recognisable Revo brand evokes a friendly and professional image, and elements such as large tab-bar circles encourage users to engage with, and explore the app. Revo’s app is full of small details that enrich the experience including custom iconography and intelligent content fetching which makes for snappy transitions between content items.


Users are invited to select relevant interests both during registration on the website and during first use of the app. Revo can tailor both push notifications for the app, and other marketing communications based on this data. The long term vision for this is to personalise the content that each user consumes across the app to enhance relevance and therefore engagement.

Revo interests by MemConnect
Low-friction touch-point

Revo mobile app interests on MemConnect
Straight-forward customisation
Revo personalisation on the MemConnect mobile app
Rich personalisation


Revo’s app provides a completely seamless experience with their existing web estate through Single Sign On (SSO) and integrated account self-service functionality. All the great content that Revo produces – news articles, events and resources to name a few are pulled directly from the website and optimised for mobile without the need for duplicated effort from Revo’s content team. All content is synchronised across all platforms with no additional overhead back at Revo HQ.

Revo integration on the MemConnect mobile app


MemConnect’s built in Surveys feature allows Revo to engage with their members with minimal friction, and gather insights in real time. This proved to be particularly useful during Revo’s Annual Awards Dinner at which the survey feature was used to gather votes from the attendees for special awards on the night.

Surveys on the Revo mobile app
Start the survey

Surveys on the Revo mobile app
Provide answers

Surveys on the Revo mobile app
Complete the questions
Instant messaging on the Revo mobile app

Instant Messaging

At the heart of Revo’s member value offering is the high-quality network that they offer access to. Prior to the release of Revo’s app, this was mainly provided by events and a printed Revo member directory that was both costly to produce and often out-of-date as soon as printed.

A key objective of the app was to provide these benefits throughout the year through a digital member directory with full member-to-member instant messaging tightly integrated into the experience. Revo has unlocked more value in providing this within the app and, importantly, taken control of the platform – members connect on Revo rather than WhatsApp or LinkedIn.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a key differentiator between apps and websites. While websites are fundamentally passive communication channels, apps allow for active communication tools thanks to push notifications.

Revo’s app uses targeted push notifications to promote content aligned with each user’s self defined interests. Content managers can segment users for ad-hoc messages, or configure rules to highlight new, relevant content to members.

Push notifications on the Revo mobile app
Revo Events on the mobile app by MemConnect


MemConnect also has an Events feature which was highly important for Revo as they host a number of events each year. Events include a list of speakers, sessions and sponsors, as well as delegate listing where members can find out who else is attending and even message them through the app.

Members also have the ability to plan their day via their own personalised itinerary, adding in the sessions they would like to attend.

Revo can completely customise the main event page, from adding in new sections and choosing the order of the page content, to configuring the colour scheme to distinguish between events. The content is entirely dynamic so Revo can be fully in control.

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