Push notifications, offline content access, GDPR compliance – there are many app features that a website cannot meaningfully replicate. MemConnect is packed with powerful features that drive engagement and real business results. Further, it is designed to work with myriad membership and association technologies. We’ll perform the integrations with your existing systems – CRM, CMS, CPD, login, events and more. Member benefits are conferred by your membership management data platform. App content updates automatically on save in the data source.

MemConnect gives you unlimited options to match your app to the member benefits and features your members will value and use again and again,


You already have a ready-made community. Provide them with an outstanding networking tool on the go and unlock the your potential.


Just like newspapers before them, websites have already lost their pole position in the great attention game. Find out why apps are leading the way in content consumption.


Remove unnecessary barriers to members attending events with powerful mobile technology.


Ask users questions and view results in real-time.
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Monitor usage and instrument behaviours to enhance moving ahead.
Push Notifications
Generate serious engagement with a targeted audience.
Member to Member Messaging
Connect your members with Whatsapp-style messaging.
Self Service
Ensure data freshness with easy access to update details.
Include resources and provide the ability to track CPD.
Stimulate more event attendance through localised marketing and seamless sign-up.
Offline Content
Provide access to important content regardless of connection.
Leverage Apple and Android Pay to reduce the friction of online payments.
Jobs Board
Alerts, details, and filtering all available for that painful commute.
Resource Centre
Bring your PDFs and branded content to mobile.
Conference Functionality
Turn your app into the perfect in-event companion.


You already have systems in place. The MemConnect app platform is built to leverage them fully. Two-way CRM integration allows member rights and benefits to be differentiated, and also for members to update their contact details directly in the app. Online community, events, CRM, CPD and more – our experience with leading platforms serving the membership sector allows us to provide flawless integrations.